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Become a Rescue Partner

Do you work with or know of a rescue that would like to work with us?

We are always looking for more partners to offer customers a wide range of geographic location options.  Our requirements are few; we only require that it be a no-kill shelter that strives to place dogs in a safe and as permanent as possible forever home.  We also require use of an official logo and a short blurb or mission statement of the organization to add to our pages informing customers of your organization.  While it is mutually beneficial to help market Brew Pup it is not required, but always appreciated!

Please contact Ryan by email at:

How Does Our Rescue Partner Program Work?

At checkout we ask customers to select from a list of our rescue partners.  If no selection is made, we simply look at the customers location (zip code) and find our closest rescue partner.  

From there we send 25% of our net proceeds (proceeds after cost of product and shipping) through whatever is your preferred method (electronic preferred).  We typically go onto rescue partner's websites and make donations through their donation portal.  If other means are preferred that can be easily arranged.

We hope to hear from you soon!