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5 Ways Adopting a Rescue Dog Changes Your Life

October 19, 2015

1. Rescue dogs abound with love.

Rescue dogs often come out of bad situations, so when they are welcomed into a safe and happy home, they express their gratitude through showing you more love than you’ve ever imagined from an animal. Your rescue dog will shower you with kisses, cuddle up next to you day and night, and become your best furry friend for life.

 Charlie the Rescue Puggle

2. Rescue dogs lift your spirit and improve your mood.

Studies show that, on average, dog owners are happier than those who do not own a pet. Few things will cheer you up as much when you come home after a stressful day as a furry face that is overjoyed to see you. When you rescue a dog, you will always have your four-legged friend by your side through the good and the bad.


3. Rescue dogs are unique.

When you adopt a rescue dog, you will get your own unique pet. Unlike puppy mill dogs, rescue dogs are often a blend of different breeds. You may adopt a pug-corgi mix, a labrador-beagle mix, or a pug-dachshund mix. No matter what, your dog will be a true individual with endearing quirks, unique look, and a shining personality!


 4. Rescue dogs will teach you compassion.

Your heart will swell in those first moments when you lock eyes with your dog at the local animal shelter. Taking a homeless pet and making it a part of your home will teach you how to have compassion for those less fortunate - both furry and human. Each day, you will get to practice that compassion as you care for your pet - and later, as you adopt other rescue dogs in the future and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Charlie the Rescue Puggle Smile 

5. You save a life.

Unfortunately, millions of rescue pets are euthanized each year. By adopting a rescue pet rather than buying a pet from a store or breeders, you are saving one of those animals’ lives. You are your rescue dog’s hero!